Paul Rada
Patient Telehealth
The emergency product that leveraged TigerConnect's patient-facing features to allow HIPAA compliant COVID-19 checkups at a time of urgent need.
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Year: 2020
Status: In Production
Platforms: Web/Desktop, Mobile Web, iOS, Android
Designers: Paul Rada, Geraint Smith, Rosalind Roth
Created with life-or-death urgency
Before we knew about the effectiveness of masks and face shields and before most hospitals had the PPE supplies needed, they had one clear solution to screening patients—Video calls. In February of 2020, we saw the data and spoke to healthcare professionals as a ramp-up of COVID-19 cases started to creep into the US. The feedback was clear, we needed a way to screen a large number of patients without providers getting exposed to the virus.
Seeing the change
It's a rare case where a designer gets to experience the palpable relief of users as the rollout of a product happens. When we launched our telehealth solution the adoption was instant and so was a slight sense of relief. A sliver of control within the chaos of a global pandemic. TigerConnect clinics immediately implemented video screening measures and the product became a quickly growing feature set of our product suite as more and more use cases showed up. In 2021, this tool has now been leveraged for use-cases beyond what we could have imagined and telehealth is now part of our everyday lives.
Benefits and outcomes:
  • Measurably lowered infections, possibly saving lives in the process
  • Created an accelerated cultural shift into a world of telehealth
  • Unlocked a variety of uses in unexpected areas of healthcare
  • Offered providers more communication options while retaining control of their contact information
  • Helped clinics manage volume in a way not readily available before