Paul Rada
Patient Facing Network
Predicting tele-health before a pandemic made it the norm.
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Year: 2019
Status: In Production
Platforms: Web, Desktop, iOS, Mobile
Designers: Paul Rada, Rosalind Roth
A parallel messenger from scratch
Having created a system for all healthcare providers to communicate inside the clinic, we saw potential in moving that conversation outside by adding the patient to it. In 2019, nobody could have predicted that a global pandemic would define the industry needs a year later, but we did see a pattern towards an outpatient messaging trend.
HIPAA compliant, yet user friendly
Patients shouldn't be forced to download an app to talk to their doctor. Doctors don't want patients to have their contact information. These frictions could seem like roadblocks, but we saw an opportunity.

Providers could control the chatroom by creating links. This would give the patients a window to reach out for as long as it's needed. Patients could simply use the verified link to talk back, no need to sign in, just a simple text or email and the doctor will see you for as long as needed.

Benefits and outcomes:
  • Made it possible to enter the telehealth vertical during the first month of COVID lockdown
  • Gave doctors control over the patient’s contact, and the beginning of the conversation
  • Created a frictionless experience to follow a patient's journey outside of the clinic
  • Paved the way for patient reminders, automated messaging, and patient data integrations