Paul Rada
Messenger Redesign
In 2015, TigerConnect (then known as TigerText) was an encrypted messaging platform with intention of growing into the healthcare industry. This redesign made that possible.
Flash-forward to 2020 and TigerConnect is primarily a workflow tool that's deeply engrained in healthcare workflows. The features that led it there could not have been possible without the redesign that made the web its dominant platform.

Our strategy centered on using the engineer's need for a refactor on the web console as an opportunity to redesign it. Reporting directly to the CEO and VP of product, the Web Platform Manager and I built the console while simultaneously building minimal versions of new features on the old web console in parallel.

Paving a path for new services
Having more messages sent was great, but that's just a cherry on top. We needed the ability to scale. We didn’t know what the future would bring. But we had a hunch the web app would be needed to manage it.

This is a visual reference of just some features that the new web console improved and expanded in ways that mobile couldn't do.

Benefits and outcomes:
  • A measurable 43% increase in web engagement, breaking away from its predecessor's staggered use
  • A friendlier user interface that reduced cognitive load and improved the onboarding experience
  • A scalable UI that would later support many more unexpected features
  • A solid base to grow future features and a framework that was used as a base to create an equally large product like the patient-facing network