Paul Rada
Milk App
The IRL version of Honey's coupon plugin.
Year: 2015
Status: Shut Down in 2016
Platforms: iOS
Designers: Paul Rada
For my first project at Honey, I partnered with Richard Fickling and George Ruan to design and test the Milk coupon app for iOS.
The app experience centered on two flows:
  • Connecting the user’s grocery store account with the app. This would automatically load all the available coupons into the user’s loyalty card.
  • Browsing the available coupons as you shop.
The Milk app opened to a good amount of praise in 2014 and netted a consistent 10k downloads a week for a sustained period.

I tested users in person and correlated the insights with our metrics system in order to make the shopping experience easier. This testing in combination with adding more stores into Milk's network increased engagement and continued the high download rate as the app became available in more locations. But the disruptive approach Milk brought to the grocery coupon industry created many business model issues that required it to be slowed down.

In mid 2015 the Milk app was shut down in order for the company's efforts to focus on the chrome coupon plugin.